Our second annual End of Year Concert will be held the weekend of Friday July 1st 2022 - Saturday, July 2nd 2022 (More details to follow!) We will have a mandatory all-day dress rehearsal on Monday June 27th 2022 (SHOW A) and Tuesday June 28th, 2022 (SHOW B) throughout the entire length of these days. Both dress rehearsal and the concert will be held at the Eastside Performing Arts Center (pics below). Please see all details below and keep an eye out for Concert updates and deadlines as we get closer to the date!

The End of Year Summer Concert Fee is due by January 10th, 2022. The fee demonstrates your commitment to SE23 Studio’s annual concert. Fees are as follows: First child $35, Additional siblings $25 each.


Attendance to class is imperative!  We strive for quality instruction and curriculum. We ask that every student makes their best effort to attend each class.  We have implemented an attendance policy to assure a quality performance for all students.  Any student who misses more than 8 classes from March 1st through to our concert in June, will need to schedule private sessions at the teacher’s discretion. Holidays and studio breaks are not included in this policy.  Private sessions are an extra cost, which will be added to your fees at the time of scheduling.  Without a private session, a student with 8 absences can be removed from the 

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eastside theatre 1.jpg

Our costumes bring a unified and polished professional look to your child’s performance. Costumes are mandatory for all participants and classes.  Prices for costumes will be from $70.00-$100.00.  Shoes are not included in the costume. Shoes are extra, and if they have not been purchased already, they will be from $20 to $50 depending on the type.  A costume deposit of $25 per CLASS ROUTINE is due on January 28th, 2022.  A second costume deposit of $25 per DANCE (S) is due on February 11th, 2022.  All remaining balances must be paid off no later than March 11th, 2022. Please be aware if balances are not paid in full by this date, a late fee will incur. You will find all of your costume balances, updates and remaining balance in your Parent Portal, which you can access from our website.  The earlier the costumes are paid off the better!  Once the end of year concert commitment is made all families are responsible for ALL COSTUME COSTS.



Professional pictures will be taken on June 4th (SHOW A) & 5th (SHOW B) 2022 at the studio on a completely separate day from dress rehearsal and the concert. Group and individual photos will be available. It is MANDATORY for every student to attend their selected time slot for photographs even if they are not purchasing pictures.  The group photos are very important to the camaraderie of each class and will be available for purchase prior to the Summer 

Dress rehearsal will be on Monday June 27th 2022 (SHOW A)  and Tuesday June 28th 2022 (SHOW B) throughout the entire length of these days. More details to follow! These rehearsal days are MANDATORY! Students will not be able to perform if they do not attend the dress rehearsal.  Video and photography is allowed during rehearsal. HOWEVER, video and photography is strictly prohibited during the concert.  Students and parents will receive important detailed information about the location, final bow, dressing rooms, and back stage as we approach the concert dates.


Our Christmas concert will be held on Monday December 20th and Tuesday December 21st (Time and more details to follow!) The location for this concert will be held at Eastside High Performing Arts Center. This concert is a much more laid back but extremely fun experience for all students! Please be aware the Christmas Concert fee is due on Monday November 15th, 2021. Christmas Concert fees are as follows: First child $35, Additional siblings $15 each. Costumes will not be required for this concert but the purchase of a newly designed SE23 item (to be worn in place of costumes) will be required for participation. Attire fee is due on Monday, November 1st 2021. Price for this item will range from $35-$40. (PER CHILD) Please look out for communication regarding handing in sizes for your child/children.