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Our Waiver Policy & Procedure form is occasionally updated in which case we will have parent's/guardians sign the updated forms within the studio. Please note all Policies & Procedures are final and agreed upon registration and/or enrollment of classes at SE23.

SE23 Studios has a one-time annual registration fee of $40 for the first student, ($65 maximum per family) that is due at the time of registration.


I understand that SE23 Studios is a technology-based business. Enrollment is completed online. Clients will login through the SE23 website to create their own account and will be required to provide credit card information to keep on file for your selected payment plan. Tuition, as well as any outstanding balance (including but not limited to, concert fees, costume balances, Team X charges, late student pick-up, etc.), will be withdrawn from your card on file automatically in between the FIRST AND THE FIFTH DAY OF THE MONTH.

(Charter school students see bottom of page)


Any cards that are declined will have 24hrs to make payment on account or incur a $20 late fee. We will attempt to run the payment 24hrs later. If charges still decline another $20 late fee will be added at 48hrs. A family that declines more than 2 consecutive months will have their late fees taken up to $40 indefinitely. If we have not been paid by the 15th, your student will be dropped from classes until the payment is made.



  • In the event that your student does not come to class for any reason (i.e illness, holiday, vacation, etc.) Tuition will still be charged for the full month. A makeup class can be taken within two weeks to substitute the class(es) that were missed. SE23 require email written notice for absences prior to absent class otherwise makeup classes will not be offered. 

  • I understand that tuition is based off of a 4-week month. 

  • Any additional classes within a month would be applied as make-ups for other period the studio might be closed. If your classes are held on these dates you are eligible for make-ups: 11/20-11/25, 12/25-12/30, 3/25-3/26, 9/4, 11/10, 1/15, 2/19, 5/27. 

  • SE23 Studios does not prorate classes for existing students. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

  • If we are closed due to holidays, students can take a makeup class within two weeks of their absence. Make-up classes will not be offered during May and June of each year due to our annual concert preparations.

  • SE23 must be contacted via email and/or phone to schedule makeup lessons



  • Tuition and registration fees are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.  Any dancer wishing to withdrawal from classes may do so by notifying us in writing by the 20th of the month in order to stop tuition payment for the following month. Please keep in mind if we receive a withdrawal request after the 20th of the month, the following months tuition will be charged. Withdrawal requests must be made in writing through our email and will not be accepted over the phone, or through a teacher. 


  • If tuition has been charged and I choose to discontinue my enrollment at SE23 Studios, I may finish out the month that has been paid for but there will be no refunds, credit, or transfers given. NO EXCEPTIONS.


I acknowledge that SE23 Studios communicates information through email and updating the website. It is my responsibility to check for new updates, especially after an absence, as well as make sure that I have an updated email address on file.


SE23 students are required to be in dress code for all classes. Dress code policies are on the website to view.


All students of SE23 are assumed to perform in all concerts unless we are told otherwise. Payment dates are available on the website, and email reminders will also go out. If you would like to opt out of participating, you must let us know in writing 10 days before the payment is due. No refunds will be given for payments processed. Students that drop out of shows and/or performances after committing to the performances will not be issued ANY monetary refunds. NO EXCEPTIONS.


I understand that measurements will be taken for costumes in early January and ordered in early February. I understand that by June my child may have grown to the point of not fitting a costume. I understand and agree that it will be my responsibility to get any alterations done on a costume that is too big or too small. SE23 is not responsible for costumes not fitting once measurements have been taken. I understand that I can request ahead of measurements in January that SE23 order a size above what my child fits into. I also understand that this may mean the costume is too big in which case I am responsible for getting it altered to fit correctly. If there is a possibility for exchange SE23 is happy to assist however, I understand that I am responsible for shipping costs to and from companies in this situation.


I give permission to SE23 Studios to take photos and videos of my student in classes as well as concerts. I understand that these photographs/ videos may or may not be used on social media platforms.


I understand there will be a fee for picking up my student late from their scheduled class. Late pick-up policy is as follows:

  • 1st time – Grace period (No late fee will be incurred) 

  • 2nd time- Arriving 5 – 15 minutes late.  ($15 fee, an additional $2 per minute will be added if exceeding 15 minute mark.) 

Please note: Due to certain circumstances, please keep in communication through phone ahead of time if you know you are running behind on time. Fee could be waived at SE23’s discretion.


I acknowledge and understand that if I am receiving an enrichment certificate from a Charter School, 

SE23 Studios must have received my certificate before the first of the month in order for my card on file not to be charged the full price of tuition. This is a policy that will be STRICTLY enforced. If certificates are received after the last day of the month for the following month, cards will be processed on file and certificates will be cancelled.


I am still required to have a valid debit or credit card on file at all times even if I am receiving outside funds.


I acknowledge and understand that if my certificate is processed for a particular month but not utilized for that specific month (due to dropping classes and/or being absent due to personal reasons) my funds WILL NOT roll over into the following months for use. 


I understand that if my card is in fact charged for tuition due to no certificate on file, I will not receive a refund under any circumstances. 


I acknowledge that enrichment payments only cover tuition and I am responsible for any other fees that are due Including but not limited to, registration fees, Team X fees, concert fees, costume fees, etc. 

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