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At the heart of SE23 Studios has always been a passion for creativity, excellence & the arts. We are so excited for our second year and are ready to grow, develop and share the Arts with children of all ages!

Our Owner, Lauren, born & raised in Sydney, Australia has been in the professional industry for over 20 years traveling the world and entertaining audiences. With her international experience and passion for sharing her knowledge with children she has had a life long goal to create an environment where children & professional entertainers can work together to continue the performing arts and all it encompasses.  

A life long goal to establish a place where children can feel comfortable, empowered and enabled to develop skills within the performing arts has become a reality this past year and we couldn't be more excited! Seeing our goals coming true just gives us the motivation and inspiration to continue to grow Performing Arts education within the community to equip and empower children with the arts but also with life skills that they can carry with them for years to come!

Thank you for being apart of this journey with us for another year of firsts!

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