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• LEOTARD AND TIGHTS are required in all classes, unless noted otherwise below.


• HAIR - Long hair must be tied back in a pony tail for all classes and in a bun for ballet.

• NO JEWELRY, COSTUMES or PLAY CLOTHES - Remember loose or dangling jewelry and costumes other than proper dance skirts are a safety hazard and distraction for dancers and are not allowed. Jeans, jean shorts, play clothes, or school clothes are not suitable dance attire.

Helpful Hints for shoe advice and parents of New Dancers

Shoes which fit properly are fundamental to the learning process. We encourage parents to provide dancers with quality dance wear and shoes, so they can benefit fully from their dance classes. P.K. Dancewear is an excellent source for dance supplies and is located on Lancaster Blvd in Lancaster. Similarly, Discount Dance Supply is a wonderful online store for all your dance attire needs at affordable prices!

Ballet shoes – we discourage wearing used ballet shoes, Ballet ‘slippers’ sold at target or Walmart or purchasing ballet shoes several sizes too large in hopes that they can be worn for several years. Ballet shoes should fit exactly (almost like a pair of socks), so that teachers can see problems and make corrections.  There are many excellent brand names available — we suggest a split-sole style. Elastics on ballet shoes should be sewn with one strap at the ankle.

Tap shoes – Bloch and SoDanca have a good sounding taps and quality brands for younger dancers. If possible, a lace-up tap shoe would be ideal.

We can’t stress enough the importance of having good quality shoes that fit (not too big, not too small).  If you’re looking for the best place to invest your “dance attire dollars” — it’s in shoes.  Good shoes are essential.



Ballet Shoes (Leather/Canvas)
Black/Light Pink Leotard, Pink tights, (ballet skirt is acceptable)
Hair in a slicked Bun.

Tan Jazz shoes
Leotard (Black) or fitted tank top
Shorts/Leggings/active wear acceptable


Contemporary/ Lyrical

Leather Half-Soles

Leotard (Black) or fitted tank top

Shorts/Leggings/active wear acceptable

Hip Hop
Clean Pair of street shoes (Different from your everyday Shoe) Designate a pair just for dance class
T-shirt/Tank top of any kind

Black Tap Shoes (NO SPLIT SOLES)
T-shirt/Tank top of any kind
Leggings/Shorts/Active wear acceptable



Barefoot (NO SOCKS)

Comfortable athletic-wear 

Vocal/ Musical Theatre/ Acting
Comfortable clothing should be worn in case of any movement that is given during class.
No open toe shoes (for example; flip flops, sandals)

Musical Theatre Shoes: Tan Jazz Shoes
Bottle of water at all times

Pre Dance

Black or Light Pink Leotard

Black or Light Pink Skirt optional

Light Pink Ballet tights

Pink Leather Ballet Shoes

Black Tap Shoes

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